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Monday, 26 June 2017

Kinemaster mod for Samsung and oppo and others

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 Hi guys in this article i talk about kinemaster mod prime. this is the most popular app all over world. if you want to video about kinemaster then you search on youtube , you can see more than 1 lack video about kinemaster. basically here I talk about how to download kinemaster mod for all devices supported.

there is a problem more than 50% people about video layer. as you can see if you have play store version app means kinemaster then that kinemaster not supported on you device. but this app version is support all over all devices. and work well.
but if you have kinemaster mod then you have to faced up exporting problem. but this problem solution is already have in my blog. you can read that article.
as you can see some older mod version has not support video layer on some devices. but this is deferent mod.

this is not fake article,this is real. you can judge after download and use. this app is the best app and advance app for android​. you can edit you videos like pro. you can use like professional pc video editor.

when you open this app after install then you can see professional interface. believe me this app is the best. you work smoothly with this app.

Let's talk about features

* version- 8.0.0(mod prime)

*support- all android device

*video layer- support all devices and work well

*Import- 2160p

*export- 1080p minimum

*spacial feature- internet support

*assest store- available

*size- 19mb

let's talk about how to download kinemaster mod prime version 8.0.0

ok guys this is very simple, you can see a download link down below. if you want to know how to use kinemaster for video editing then you can video my youtube channel that is som technical. you can want more than 100 video about kinemaster video editing tutorial. my a tutorial can help to use kinemaster for some spacial editing and tutorial. I think that is really good for you.

That's all guys .you can download from here easily.
have good day.

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