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Thursday, 27 July 2017

How to unblock yourself in Whatsapp, If someone blocked you

WhatsApp is a very popular messenger app nowadays, which helps us to connect with your known persons but sometimes you may experience that someone blocked you in your contact list.
Now here i will tell you a very simple trick which can help you to unblock by yourself. At first, you have to find out that if you are really blocked on WhatsAp.

How to Know that if You are Blocked by Someone

If you cannot find someone in your contact list then you can really think that you are blocked by that individual. But before you follow our tricks, you have to confirm that you have blocked by someone.
There are some easy steps which you have to follow step-by-step to unblock yourself (by cancelling your current account and then activating it again).
1. At first, open your WhaatsApp account.
2. Then click on settings.
3. After clicking on settings, here you can see the Account option. Then just click on it.
4. Then select “Delete my account” option.
5. Then delete your account, choose your country code and then enter your phone number and after that click on “Delete My Account”.
6. After deleting your WhatsApp account permanently, now uninstall your WhatsApp Messenger from your phone and then simply restart your phone.
7. After restarting your phone, re-installs WhatsApp as you did before with the same number. Here you go.
This process will never affect on your account, When you delete your account ,you will be unavailable for sometimes for your contact persons.

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