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Monday, 31 July 2017

How to use vfx metirials and download? make vfx shot

Hi guys in this article I explain how to use or how to download VFX metirials.
i am mobile video editor.and my subscribers or page​ visitors are mobile editor.

how to make vfx effects  by your mobile.

Let's start  first of all you can watch a video from my youtube channel that issom technical.
this is part 2 vfx shot or effect.
Part 1 is available on my youtube channel and here means this website.

if you want to make a VFX shot then you have some metirials that I recommend for you link is down below.

this is a zip need to download this zip file and extract on any folder in your memory card by Es file explorer.

then you can get some Metirials for vfx shot.

First of all you must need a video editing app that's call kinemaster mod.kinemaster mod is available on my website.
Then watch my youtube videos.
That's all good day.

Vfx download link.

Tap on download button

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