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Thursday, 20 July 2017

How to Use Video Scribe App?App Review

Video scribe-- white board hand writing animation

This is hand writing white board animation app.
You can download is app from download link.
This app is the best for making YouTube videos.
This app go to more impressive ..

App features:-

#First time need internet connection (2G,3G,4G)

#Then download some PNG  for free what you need.

#Size-47 MB.

# video export feature not available.

But I have a salution.

You need a screen recorder.
I recommend az screen recorder .

For more information watch this video.
How to use this app I mean video scribe and az screen recorder.
 This video can help you to use that's app easily.

Download link.

Video​ scribe--            download

          How to use watch this video