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Saturday, 5 August 2017

How to Exporting problem solution? problem solution of kinemaster

Hi guys in this article I'll talk about kinemaster Exporting problem. so guys let's begin, guys all of you know that kinemaster is most popular app  for video editing in world and some features is most important for us to use and editing. kinemaster developer is fix some cost to buy some premium features that we want for free. we don't need to buy this. we are so smart we use mod for get that's features for free.
then we are use very easily. but we faced some problem like exporting problem, this problem is big for us because we have to export our video after editing but we can't.
because who mod kinemaster, he do some wrong coding.

What is code or coding?
code is the short form of program to make a application. You know about it.

so, what is the solution of exporting problem?

this is pretty easy. Just follow step bellow.
 (1) don't cut your main video more than 2 or 3 times. if you cut more then you can't exporting.

(2) if you want add more video layer ,you can't​. you have to use 1 video layer. but you can use  more image layer, audio and text no problem.

(3) don't cut video layer.if you cut video layer then you must have to faced up exporting problem.

(4) this is the most important part, if you want to cut your video then you have to do editing 1 part by 1 part.
      editing one part then exporting and then come back to editing another part. That's all

 but if you want to perfect editing then you can use power director video editing app.
I recommend you to use power director video editing app. this app is the best app but not better than kinemaster.

kinemaster is popular for Chroma key feature.
this app is only one app who give us this feature on android.

so guys, if you want to Know more information about this app I mean kinemaster then please visit my youtube channel som technical.

that's all have good day.

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