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Thursday, 14 September 2017

How to solve or fix retrying problem of if browser?

Hi guys today is this article i explain that how to solve the retrying problem of if browser?

if you faced up with this problem and you want know a solution of this problem then read carefully this article.

All over world have billion of uc browser users, and those people are want download some big file,movies,song,etc, and some time we need pause that download file before download.

And after sometime or some days we want resume that download file but we can't because that download link had expired and we see retrying (1,2,3------)


First of all  don't delete this download from file manager and UC browser.

then resume that download file , then tap and hold some time and you can see details option.
Tap on details option and scroll down and copy
Page URL link.

Then go to file manager and then UC downloads,
And select 2 file thats are you want to download ,
1 support file(size 20kb) and 1 your main file.

I hope you understand what I talked about ok don't wory watch this picture.👇👇👇👇

And move those file to a vertual file.
And then you want go to UC browser and  open a new tap and go to search bar and paste page url that you was copy.

And then delete old download file from UC browser download list.👇👇👇

And then download again that file in same website. From page url.

And you have download 1-4 MB of new download then pause it.

And then you have to go file manager and go to UC downloads and you can see two file like that two file that was move a vertual file.

And then delete  new two file from UC downloads and again move old two file from vertual folder to UC downloads .

And then UC have to go UC browser and then resume that download. And you can see or get all old data back .

So  guys I hope you understand that.

And if you can't understand that then. Go to my YouTube channel that is som technical

I'll be upload a video about this topic.

That's all guys
Have a good day