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Thursday, 14 December 2017

How to use tubebuddy extension on Android mobile?

Manny YouTuber have not pc and those YouTuber want to use tubebuddy but he can't.
Don't worry guys because I have alternative salution.

Hi guys if you have Android mobile then that's was all for you because that mobile can do anything.

Guys today i talk about alternative extension.

Tubebuddy extension is working on PC. But now you can use this on your Android.

How to use tubebuddy extension on Android?

This is very simple. You need download  yandex browser. And then open this browser, Go to Google and search on search bar " chrome​ web store" and search it.

Open chrome web store page. Then search on search for tubebuddy. And just click on tubebuddy extension and click on check in. Then tubebuddy extension automatically going to download and install.

ok guys after installing this extension open YouTube from yandex browser. Then click on right side down 3 dot. And click on go to full page.

Then open YouTube and as you can see top of the butom tubebuddy extension logo there.

That's all guys. But if you want to watch a video about this topic then watch this video 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇