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Saturday, 1 September 2018

How to Convert hosted AdSense account to fully approved AdSense account(easy guide)

Hi guys in this article I'll guide you how to get fully approved AdSense account.

Don't worry I'll tell you about this step by step. This is very very easy to approve Google AdSense account.

Read carefully and follow step by step my  instructions. If you'll follow my instructions then you must get fully Google AdSense account. So, you have read it first. First of all if you are don't know English then copy this article and translate from google translator. Let's jump into main topic-

How to get fully approved Google AdSense account?

(1)  customize your website

      If you have account then you can do it easily otherwise if you have WordPress account then you can apply this method also.

      First of all download any responsive website template from google and apply on your blogger. And then you need to customize that template.  You need to 4 main page for your website approval.
(Home, About us, privacy policy, and contact us) you must need this. If you don't know how to add this pages on website then you can watch YouTube video just search on YouTube "how to add page on website" that's it. 
      Then you need to add sub-pages and much more. Basically you need to customize your website very well.(you can search on YouTube)"how to customize website or template". Then you can customize you website for fully approved Google AdSense account. This is the first step.

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(2) Post quality Article

       Second thing that you need to do care fully and very well. You need to write quality and original and self content for Your website. If you don't write quality content then you never be approved from Google. And before apply for Google AdSense account approval request you must need to post maximum 15 quality Post  in your website. And then send approval request on Google for fully AdSense account.

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Basically here you can ask me a question about "WHAT IS THE MEANING OF QUALITY CONTENT OR ARTICLE"? yes I just tell you now.

What is the meaning of quality content or article?

* You need to write minimum 500 word article.

* You can write right spelling.

* You need to upload minimum 15 post

* Need give some pictures about article on your post.

* You need to give some heading and co-heading.

(3)  visit website control panel

That's it guys then you can apply for fully Google AdSense approval account.

Then is this the main this you need to do after applying approval request that is

You need to visit you website control panel 2time in one day and you must need to continue post on website.


If you follow my instructions that I taking about in this article then you must get fully approval Google AdSense account.

Follow my step care fully and apply for you website. I give you 100% guarantee you'll get fully approved Google AdSense account.

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Thank you for joining us and reading this help full article.

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