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Sunday, 23 September 2018

[WhatsApp New Update] Get Live Update Or Track any Indian train By Your Whatsapp

How would you have been able to track India's train in your WhatsApp? It would have been better if not. Friends, Indian Railways have update something like that for us. We all use WhatsApp And also train and transport. Many times we use some other applications to track live trains. But now you can live live tracking of live updates of any of your WhatsApp trains in India, the train that you visit.

This update was updated on WhatsApp the Indian Railway Way by make my trip.

Now you just have to update your WhatsApp with the help of Google play store. Then you just have to save this number to the phone.

You can see the following process in the picture below.

First of all you need to save this number to your mobile phone.

Make my trip WhatsApp number -

Save this number. And then you can get any update of any Indian train on your WhatsApp.

This is the very good WhatsApp new update, and you can get live update of any indian train.

First of all you have to know that this update is coming from

As you know that is very good and papular website for traveling or travelers.

By the way lets jump into main topic.

(1) update your WhatsApp from your Google play store or if you have iPhone then update from app store.

(2) save this number to your mobile phone
     ( 7349389104)

(3) go to WhatsApp and search this number on WhatsApp that you give a name for save that number.

(4) message then with train number what you want to get live update like 5382.

And then in the few seconds you get live update from in you WhatsApp.

That's it guys.

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